The Show 2017


Exhibitor feedback

„The show in Münster is always interesting, also the customers are friendly and my buttons found a ready market. Everything went well for me and if nothing intervenes, I will be part of the show in 2018.“

Christel Pangerl (Liechtenstein)

„It was a great success for me with selling my really low-priced items. This was also because of the participation of many international exhibitors. All in all: it was great.“

Helma von Appen (Germany)

„I participated in the International Spring DOLL Festival this year to broaden my mind and to learn more about the world of dolls and their history. It was perfect. I also met great artists with their works.“

Mergelina Nieves (Spain)

„We really enjoyed the International Spring DOLL Festival and felt very comfortable in Münster. We met many old friends and got to know new ones. It was a pleasant and successful trip.

Vera Nyitrai (Hungary)

„Although the International Spring DOLL Festival is relatively new, it is well on the way to becoming the most important show for doll art in Europe. I have met collectors from England, France and of course Germany.“

Laurence Ruet (France)

„The International Spring DOLL Festival was a great success. The show is really international and you can see dolls of every genre. It is unique. You can have a great time in Münster and at the same time buy everything you need for your future work. The show is also characterized by fantastic organization, a suitable location and an excellent choice of the date for the event.“

Alina Voroshilova (Ukraine)

„I experienced the professional, friendly and well functioning organization and the support as very pleasant. The unlikely variety and quality of exhibitors is fascinating for the collectors.“

Gabriele Pionteck (Germany)

„Spring DOLL Festival has the potential to become the leading doll show in Europe and I hope that the international artists will continue to attend. Doll makers sell their dolls more and more online, but it will always be necessary to show the dolls in person and talk to collectors. It keeps me inspired.“

Amy van Boxel (Netherlands)

„I enjoy being together with my colleagues in Münster. It‘s like being part of a big family. In addition, there are good sales and many interested customers. The show is well organized and the atmosphere is wonderful.“

Christel Brenner (Germany)

„For me, the International Spring DOLL Festival is the best opportunity to experience the variety of high-class doll art from all over the world and to have interesting conversations with collectors and colleagues.“

Heidi Plusczok (Germany)

List of exhibitors

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Artist dolls